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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Salute Bloggers

A Commentary

Just in case some of you missed Marina's write up, "The Burden of Responsibility", which appeared on RantingsbyMM of thursday, 1st february, I have reproduced in full my comments below:

Your article about Freedom and Responsibility is interesting. I am unable to comment on these very fundamental democratic values as applied in the case of Jeff and Rocky as I do not have their posts with me.

What I can say, however, is whether this action by a giant on a sparrow is really warranted. Do we really need a sledgehammer to crack a nut ?There are so many other ways to settle this issue. If those ways did not help, only then resort to the 'whip'.

True there is a way to say it. Different people tell their stories differently. But the most important thing is to break the news, tell the truth and unearth the facts.There is no smoke without a fire, so the saying goes.

Be responsible, be accountable. Responsibility and Freedom also applies to politicians, businessmen and the powers that be more so than Bloggers. Bloggers can also act as a check and balance on abuses, excesses, injustices and non-performance in governments in a democratic way of life !

Rumour mills do not exist in a vacuum. They thrive when no answers, explanations and justifications are forthcoming from the authorities/persons mentioned. You can to a certain extent curtail their spread by being open and forthright. True, you cannot keep track of all the stories.Then stop the blogs.They are written stories. Then what about spoken rumours? They will be unheard. At least you can read the blogs.

And then again if their stories are true, bloggers have been responsible to their fellow citizens and their country. They have and will continue to publish stories the mainstream media will not publish. Bloggers have also been the leads to many stories carried by the mainstream. How patriotic! A salute to BLOGGERS.