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Saturday, February 24, 2007

At the Court

A Gathering of Bloggers United

Rocky, Glad to have met you and the rest of the Bloggers United yesterday.
I thought of meeting the whole group at the foyer before the hearing and hence arrived about two. Had to find my way to the courtroom from the enquiry desk downstairs.
I was with NTV7, Star, AP and the other media people before Mr. Malik Sarwar came and told us the case may be postponed because of late amendment submissions by the defence.
Subsequently I met Rocky and JeffOoi and wished them well. After the hearing Mr.Edmund Bon confirmed the new date to be 2nd April and said they had to decide whether to proceed with the strike-off application after studying the amendments.
Finally on my way down to the cafe, I caught up with Stephen, Bernard, Marina and Nuraina.
At the party, I met a host of bloggers and made so many friends and found the entire get-together wonderful. Imagine meeting members through the Blogs and consolidating friendship in person! Thank you all, not forgetting Microsoft and Google for having made it possible.