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Monday, February 12, 2007


A Commentary

I refer to the comments which appeared in Nuraina's story of 10/2 entitled "Hiring Bloggers In Elections".

Some journalists are bloggers and some bloggers are journalists. When a journalist publishes his/her story in a web-log (Blog), he/she becomes a blogger.

As journalists our duty is to report a story truthfully. We are responsible and accountable to our conscience and the reading public. As journalists we can also comment but it should be separate and not form part of the news.

Be informative by all means but be fair and truthful. Do not fear or favour.This is where the credibility and integrity of journo-bloggers comes.

The people are turning to the NEW MEDIA for information. Why? Because the OLD MEDIA is controlled. It yearly comes under the purview of the KDN licence. My God, they do not want to lose it !

That is where we come. We have to break the news and unearth the facts. We are in a better position to raise issues and comments because the internet is not censored.

If bloggers are bought over by politicians for the elections, than it is bad news for the Journo-Blogging Community. We lose our independence to be fair and truthful in our ability to speak out for justice.