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Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Launch

This week I finally launched my Blog, called Rajahram's Journal which I had been preparing for several weeks before. I invited Jeff and Rocky to do the launching on the 31st of January by introducing me to the Blog Fraternity. See Chilling Effect? Even Retirees Blog! and I Got a Name both of Wednesday 31.1.2007. Thank you, Jeff and Rocky.

That was terrific, and to date I received a total of more than 20 comments at my site. Thank you all for your comments.

A good response for a beginner, and I hope as we get going more and more letters keep coming. I also received a few anonymous letters. Some were good and some were blatantly rude. I had asked the writers of the good letters to give me their names for posting but they didn't. The rude letters, I had to delete.

There were as usual a lot of visitors to the site but did not comment. Thanks for reading but I would appreciate if you leave some comments for me to know your views on that topic. Your views are important to me. I am in this for Public Opinion.

I was also busy visiting various blog sites of the veterans to introduce myself and say hello by dropping a comment or two at their homes. All were very friendly and helpful making me very welcome. I was terribly flattered and felt so much at home with this community of well known journalists.

Since I come from a different background, I only hope I can live up to your expectation in this new field. I intend in the coming weeks to read our veterans blogs more than write to get a feel of the new world. In fact I came to know of the Blogs only after the issue was highlighted in the media.

I had also told Nuraina, that I will be coming for Rocky's hearing on the 22nd. Nuraina’s report from Wisma Denmark and Jeff’s photos did the trick. I only hope everything goes well for Rocky on that day. Hope to see you all there. Till then Happy Blogging !