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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

> The Triple by-election updates

1. Election gets off to a good start. Vote early as rain is expected afternoon. Polling stations close at 5pm. Results expected after 10pm.

2. A PAS supporter was chased by two policemen aft
er he was seen wearing an Altantuya mask at the Sek Keb Changkat Jering polling centre.

3. Supporters from PAS and BN are exchanging insults at the Sek Keb Changkat Jering polling centre. About 300 PAS supporters are chanting ‘Hancur Umno, Hancur BN' to which the 100-odd BN supporters responded by shouting ‘PAS Munafik' (PAS hypocrite).

4. Elections watchdog Mafrel reported that the unp
recedented A3 size ballot paper was slowing down voting process in SK Sg Lalang.

5. Message from Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim.

"After one year in office the Pakatan Rakyat has delivered on our promise to build a more peaceful, prosperous and united Malaysia. We have fought against corruption and we have made life better in our states with better healthcare, invest
ments in education and we have created thousands of new jobs.

"On April 7th Malaysians in Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai will return once again to the polls to vote for change and for a brighter future for Malaysia. Join PKR, PAS and DAP in supporting our candidates in these important by-elections.

"Vote if you can. If you are registered vote in these elections but live outside the constituency, we ask you to make the effort to go home and vote." 

6. Bukit Gantang PAS candidate Mohamad Nizar: "God willing, there is a good chance for a win."

He spent some 15 minutes with his supporters at Sek Keb Changkat Jering polling centre.

7. Bukit Selambau Elections watchdog Mafrel reported that there is no EC's yellow tape to mark the 50 metre restrictive zone outside the SM Aman Jaya polling centre in Sungai Lalang.

8. Bukit Gantang Blogger Bernard Khoo noted that there appeared to be more lady voters than men at the Pengkalan Au polling centre.

9. At Bukit Gantang, blogger Bernard Khoo reported that BN and Pakatan supporters were seen throwing chairs and water bottles at each other at the Pengkalan Au polling station. The riot police had stepped in to calm the situation. 

10. Bukit Selambau Mafrel reported that an argument has erupted between PKR and BN supporters over the location of their tents outside the SJK (Tamil) Palanisamy Kumaran polling centre.The source of the complaint is that BN has been allocated a spot on a tar road while PKR was given place on a dirt road.

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