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Sunday, April 12, 2009

> Thinner-drinking detainee

The family of Adi Anwar Mansor, 23, wants the police to explain how he had allegedly drank paint thinner and sustained injuries while he was held under police custody.

According to the family's lawyer, N Surendan, there were doubts over the police's account of the incident as there were injuries on Adi Anwar's body.

"The story that he consumed thinner is pretty thin. The police have to explain where the injuries came from," said Surendran, adding that a letter has been submitted to Klang district police chief Mohamad Mat Yusop to seek clarification.

The letter also urged the police to immediately suspend any police officers suspected of hurting Adi Anwar pending investigations by an independent body.

Adi Anwar is currently semi-conscious and is under observation at the intensive care unit of the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang.

Mohamad was quoted in the media today as saying that Adi Anwar was arrested for alleged drug possession at about 11.30pm on Tuesday in Jalan Kebun.

The police chief had said that Anwar was near a table at the police station and reached for a bottle containing the poisonous liquid and consumed it before police officers could stop him.

On the injuries sustained by Adi Anwar, Mohamad was reported to have said it could have occurred during the scuffle when he was apprehended.

Don't cuff unconscious man

Mohamad stated that the man was being probed under Section 39(A) of the Dangerous Drugs Act for possession of 44 grams of cannabis. 

The report also quoted Adi Anwar's sister Noraila, 21, who claimed that her brother sustained lacerations and bruises to his head.

Meanwhile, Surendran said that he would be meeting the Klang police tomorrow to secure the release of Adi Anwar from police custody in order for the family to seek treatment.

Surendran also criticised the police for handcuffing the detainee to the bed despite him being semi-conscious.

"There is no need to handcuff him. He is not going anywhere in that condition," he said.

PKR Youth vice-chief Khairul Annuar Zainudin who visited the family yesterday told Malaysiakini the incident was regrettable, particularly after the public outcry over the death of police detainee A Kugan.

"Just a few days ago, they released the findings of the Kugan case and again this has happened in Selangor. It is regrettable. Didn't the police learn anything from that episode?" said Khairul, who distributed pictures of Adi Anwar in the ICU ward to the media yesterday.

Khairul also urged the new Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who promised reforms, to look into the matter as well as police lock-up procedures - Malaysiakini.