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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

> Swift action against Angkasa

Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz Ungku Abdul Hamid showing some of the documents during the press conference here today - theSunpic.

National Cooperative Organisation of Malaysia (Angkasa) president Professor di-Raja Ungku A. Aziz today demanded swift action from Cooperative Commission of Malaysia (CCM) in the probe into alleged irregularities within Angkasa.

"I am upset with the the lack of enthusiastic response and the avoidance of any reasonable reactions on the matter by CCM. The observance of financial and administrative irregularities in the processing of loan approvals and repayment deductions in Angkasa, highlighted in an internal investigation report submitted to CCM is serious.

"About RM20 million is at stake daily," said Ungku Aziz in a press conference today.

The internal probe was carried out by Angkasa Administrative Committee on Jan 25 and its findings were presented to the CCM twice on Oct 23 and Nov 18.

However, to date, no apparent action has been taken following the submission of the findings.

Aziz attributed five events to the continuing "saga of indifference". They are:

> The secret Concorde Conspiracy (a meeting by a group of Angkasa management members);

> The unjust suspension of the general manager from his post on March 24;

> The improper restructuring of two departments in Angkasa – the finance manager had his responsibilities diminished, the Angkasa Service Bureau (ASB) chairman replaced and a new post of ASB acting manager created;

> The erosion of duties by the head of security assurance; and

> The approval of allowances amounting to between RM15,000 and RM25,000 each to core management members between March 24 and May 5 when Aziz was removed from office.

He said the Concorde Conspiracy involved the misuse of member signatures to remove Aziz as Angkasa president, later vindicated and declared the legitimate president by CCM on May 5.

The signatures were originally given in a bid to revoke the suspension pending investigations into two office bearers.

"Why was the list of signatures used for the removal of the president when it was initially stated that it was to be used for a letter of appeal to the president to revoke the suspension of the two office bearers? These questions can only be answered by a prompt and thorough investigation," said Aziz.

"The relevant authorities concerned should conduct a thorough investigation into the Concorde Conspiracy and the investigation reports dated Oct 23 and Nov 18. If offences or irregularities had taken place, then action must be taken promptly and without fear or favour.

"It is of paramount importance that the interest of Angkasa and its members be protected at all times," he added - theSun.