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Saturday, December 13, 2008

> It ain' t over

Lawyer and politician Karpal Singh is determined to drag Abdul Razak Baginda back into the dock.

Karpal told The Malaysian Insider today that he plans to apply for a judicial review of Abdul Razak's recent murder acquittal at the Shah Alam High Court near here next week.

He is acting under orders from the victim's father who was not happy at all with the court's decision to free Abdul Razak.

Abdul Razak was recently acquitted of abetting in the murder of his Mongolian mistress Altantuya Shaariibuu.

The attempt to review the acquittal will bring what is surely unwanted attention to the case for Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Abdul Razak was a close confidante of the DPM, and despite constant denials and the lack of any concrete evidence otherwise, Najib has been accused of being linked to the murder.

This has cast a cloud over his impending rise by next March to become Umno president and prime minister.

Meanwhile, the victim's father Dr Shaariibuu Setev is also planning on suing the Malaysian government, Abdul Razak and the two policemen who are still on trial for the murder for RM100 million in damages over his daughter's death.

The Attorney General, on behalf of the federal government, has already asked Dr Shaariibuu to pay RM1 million “security for costs” while Abdul Razak is demanding half a million ringgit for the same reason.

Karpal explained that it was a standard safety action to take against those suing the government, especially if they are foreigners.

“It's their strategy, in case the applicant loses the suit and runs away,” he added.

However, the hearing for the civil suit is on hold until after the Shah Alam High Court delivers its verdict on the two accused in the murder - The Malaysian Insider.