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Sunday, July 1, 2007

1. 2.3 million ICs lost

This represents about 9% of the population and is a very large number of a very important document to be lost. Surprisingly this could also be about the number of foreign illegal workers in the country? Being such a small document it can be easily carried about in the wallet. But at the same time, when we lose the wallet, through thefts, pickpockets and carelessness, the IC gets lost as well. The finders must return the ICs to its owners or to the nearest registration department. Stiff fines and jail terms must be imposed on persons using stolen identity cards.

Deputy Home Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho said the loss of 2.3 million identity cards including MyKad between 2002 and 2006 is worrying as it could lead to serious social problems.
"We're worried that such documents could be misused by other parties to apply for credit cards, insurance, licences, bank loans and so on. It can create social problems, such as bankruptcy," he told Bernama after visiting the Immigration and National Registration Departments here.

Tan hoped that the public would keep an eye on their MyKad as it was not an ordinary card but a document that vouches for one's citizenship.

"MyKad is used in government and business transactions. You can't sign any official documents like agreements or apply for a licence without it," he said.

Tan said the MCA Complaints Bureau had received many reports of people falling victim to the illegal use of their MyKad.

In a move to deal with the problem, the government has decided to impose steeper fines on those who misplaced their MyKad, he said.

A fine of RM100, RM200 or RM300 awaits offenders - BERNAMA.