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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Telco Scam

A Comment:

Thanks a lot, Jeff. You are exposing a very serious technical problem and a very serious scam running into millions and maybe even billions by the time the problem is fixed. I have on several occasions reported this problem of billing discrepancies to DIGI and TM and have been told by the customer service clerks as billing for earlier calls and sms's. A convenient explanation. I knew it was much more than that. Now that you have reported it, it is serious enough and warrants ACTION by all parties - the telcos and mcmc. I consider this a serious violation of basic human rights and a scandalous swindle of extreme magnitudes if allowed to flourish. I am now daily keeping a record of my DIGI prepaid bills, but there is no way to do so for TM customers, because there is no immediate billing feedback.

Read Jeff Ooi's detailed scam exposition here and in his subsequent articles.

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Does this warrant cabinet action?