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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Comments

My comments for the formation of All Blogs:

1. Agreed, what we are seeking to do is to make a great nation greater. We have to make known this fact from the very start. It is not about a developing nation anymore. We are on the correct trajectory to arrive at Developed Nation by 2020. Hopefully we stay on course and make the necessary minor adjustments to fall on target by 2020. That minor adjustments is we what we as bloggers seek to input. And this should be our MISSION STATEMENT. (Screenshots)

2. You are right, bro.We are not anti or pro any Government. We are anti issues that are wrong and pro issues that are right. It is not a question of might is right but what is right. We have the God sent ability to vocalise on issues which no paid MP would vocalise in the Parliament. So it is our duty to put it right and so put our country on the correct path to a developed nation status.( Rocky's Bru)

3. I may not be a blogger these days but I certainly support Bloggers United in their fine efforts to seek Justice for the Rakyat. I told Rocky and Jeff that we want our great nation, greater and we are not against any Government, Party or Person BUT only against issues that are wrong on principle to the Rakyat / Joe Public.
We are no longer a developing nation but heading towards developed nation status by 2020 and in the process be very right on principles.
I have left the writing to the professionals in the field and it is for you to bring out the real issues and stories that have to be told.
As a reader of your articles I will comment so that your fine efforts in our mission is not in vain.
These are hard facts and we have to make hard choices in the interest of the Rakyat and the country. ( Susan Loone)

My comments on Bribery and Corruption:

1. I say Stephen, I cannot agree more with you. It is not just in MPAJ. It is everywhere. From district, to state , to federal government. It is no use blaming the politicians because many are themselves like that. It is part ignorance and part total disregard of law and their duties. A reader of Malaysiakini wrote in as follows:

".....there is a difference between ‘bribe’ and ‘commission’. The crime is not in paying inflated prices but in the corrupt practice of government officials colluding with the private company to cheat taxpayers for personal gain. Government officials act as trustees of public funds for the benefit of the public and not for personal gain. By the way, if in doubt as to what is a crime or not a crime, then test it in court."

I am myself really puzzled as to what the solution is. Certainly re-educating the entire public service is a way. I don't think changing governments is going to make all that difference. Any ideas as to how to solve the problem - let's say if you were to be the next prime minister. Hahaha...

Seriously, thinking about it, it is all about getting bloggers to blog about. (ShanghaiStephen)

My comments on the Ijok By-Election:

1. This election is not only a straight fight between Parthiban and Khalid, but also a test of strength for Anwar and PKR. Just fancy that! It could be the most hotly contested seat in Malaysian history. Let the people of Ijok decide - knowing the issues or not! But will the better man or party win? It is often the most popular man or party that wins. (Rocky's Bru)

2. That is the state of politics and elections here. You would think that every elector wishes for the Adun to die or resign immediately for attention and more goodies in their constituencies. I think a time has come for all this to stop and give some respect to the electors.(ShanghaiStephen)

3. Bluffing oneself to Bluff others is the greatest injustice politicians do to themselves, their electorate and their country. And it is also one of the greatest fallacies of a democratic system of government. That is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. When the mass media is government controlled, we have a virtual dictatorship. Suppression of information is subtle bluffing and serves the same purpose. We become fully developed when we reach the stage of America, or England or Australia with two or three equally strong parties who can take on and run their countries. Just as in business, there should be no MONOPOLY in politics. For the sake of the country! (Screenshots)

4. I think Parthiban is the sort of guy who will stick to his promises. Having stayed in that area, and knowing the people's problems, he is the best person to deliver it now. I am sure he will be the trend setter for other M.P.s and ADUNs in the country.(3540 Jalan Sudin)

5. The ballot has spoken and so has YB Parthiban. It is now time for him to start delivering all his promises. We will watch what he does! (Galadriel)