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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Amazing AirAsia

Here is a clip for all low cost travellers:

AirAsiaX All Set To Repeat AirAsia's Phenomenal Success.

AirAsiaX, the world's newest long-haul budget airline, is all set to repeat the phenomenal success of AirAsia which within five years has become the region's largest low-cost carrier.

AirAsia X founder Datuk Tony Fernandes, who is also the group chief executive officer of AirAsia, said here Wednesday that the new airline was acquiring 20 planes initially with its first flight to Britain expected in July.In an interview with Bernama here, the award-winning CEO said after taking AirAsia to such heights, he was now very excited about his new venture which he would market just as aggressively.

Fernandes launched his brainchild in Kuala Lumpur on Jan 5 as a tie-up between AirAsia and Fly Asian Express (FAX), eyeing destinations in Europe, India, China and Australia. Fares from Britain to Malaysia are expected to be priced at around 100 pounds sterling (RM700).

Stanstead, one hour from here, has a very good infrastructure including being a transport hub. He is also looking at three other airports -- Manchester, Birmingham and Dublin and all have their own strengths.

"Things are progressing well. In the first week of February, we'll commence the purchase of our new planes." Fernandes said further afield, he had also received proposals from nine other airports across Europe, including Rome, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, as we'll as in Spain and Scandinavia.

"So many people in Europe have e-mailed me wanting to invest in AirAsia X. I think it's a good branding for Malaysia," he said in his customary humble way. As for Britain, its first destination in Europe, Fernandes said he hoped to mount daily flights to the country with the deal to purchase two planes due to be wrapped up soon.

What is AirAsia X's key selling point? "Of course the cheap fares but there is also another thing. What people are finding out in relation to (budget airline) Oasis in Hong Kong is that when you arrive in Kuala Lumpur (KL), you have AirAsia, so you can go anywhere in South East Asia. "So many people said to me that they don't have to go to Spain for a holiday. They can come to KL, they can go to Kota Kinabalu, Bali, Langkawi..all that is available from Kuala Lumpur. "So that is a big attraction to Europeans arriving in KL but you can get across to all of South East Asia".

Fernandes also has set his sight on destinations in Eastern Europe, describing Prague, Warsaw and Moscow as "that's the new world and very interesting".

AirAsia's "Now Everyone Can Fly" branding is a success story even beyond what Fernandes could have imagined. What is in store for AirAsia X? "I don't think it would be any different from AirAsia. We started with four destinations, we've 70 now in five years.

"We'll be aggressive, we are very proud of that. Who knows? When we first started with just one plane, who would have said that we would have 200 A320's," he said with a hearty laugh - BERNAMA.

I have great faith in Tony. He means what he says. If he can do it for AirAsia, he surely can for AirAsiaX. He has shrunk the world and lived up to his mantra of "Now, everyone can Fly". How many of you would like to travel to places with him? Exciting days are ahead for the travelling world.....yes, WORLD.