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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Control Blogs

A Commentary

I am so surprised that Zam, a former journalist, has gone to Singapore to learn about controlling blogs. He should have gone there to learn about governance.

The PAP in Singapore run a super clean, super efficient, tightly knit, City State. They really don't need blogs.They are registering blogs for data purposes. If they need blogs, then it is Social Blogs. Really.

Unlike Singapore, we in Malaysia need blogs for everything. What's gone wrong with Malaysia? Sure we have by our ways of governance and politics encouraged the rapid rise of blogs. So whose fault is it?

The main reason for the rapid rise of blogs is the grievances of the people. Listen to them. Learn from them. Follow them. Set up a ministry to counter them!

Don't make sick suggestions like wanting to curb them.You might as well BAN them. Your job of governance becomes easy. But it does not solve the problem. Discontentment is brewing and may lead to a silent revolution. Better let the people say want they want to say.

You don't change. Carry on the same way.