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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Chinese Press...

A Commentary

Jeff, I refer to your post yesterday.It is a good hard look, inside looking inside, written honestly and succinctly. MCA should come out with a blueprint on what ails the community taking into consideration the views of the whole gamut of chinese society.

Without doubt education and media in part has been responsible for the loss of the early enterprising spirit of the chinese.The other part has been the affirmative action programme of the government to the bumiputras as enshrined in the Constitution. Perfectly legal, nobody denies that but that makes non-bumiputras step children. Is it time enough to have a look at this affirmative action programme which has benefitted the malays so much?

According to Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, 2010 would be the target year for 30% Bumiputra equity.The prime minister revealed this in a parliamentary written reply to Karpal Singh (DAP-Bukit Gelugor). Does this mean that after this year that will be no more affirmative action programmes to bumiputras? Will there be an equal and transparent distribution of government contracts, educational opportunities, employment opportunities in the government sector, etc. Will every sector reflect the racial composition of the country?

We then have the various draconian laws. The ISA,OSA, Printing Presses and Publishers Act, the Sedition Act. It muzzles the press and our human rights record must be low in the eyes of the world.There is no freedom of speech.Is it time enough for a review? I should be asking the government!

Will that satisfy the community? MCA and MIC should tell the Government (maybe behind closed doors ) what is it that bothers them, being step children. The Government on its part should listen and do the necessary.We all should be true Malaysians, honestly, and be proud of it.